Reasons why you should go for ACCA

ACCA is vast field and it offers many career opportunities in professional field. If you want to pursue your profession in accounting and finance then you must go for ACCA. By doing ACCA, you can become member of Association of Chartered certified accountants which is globally recognized. There are many institutes which offer ACCA in Abu Dhabi. After this you can also go for CFA course which offers CFA certification UAE. There are number of reasons on the basis of which you should go for this profession. Some of the reasons have been added in this article. 

Flexible study options:

The biggest advantage of ACCA qualification is that it offers flexible study options and one can choose subjects of his own choice in each module. Even they can choose number of subjects in each module as students can take exams after few months. So the students can maintain good balance between study and work and they can continue their jobs too. Examinations are held four times a year so students can choose number of subjects according to their choice. In most of degree programs students have to pass entry test to secure their admission but ACCA gives advantage that there is no such type of examination. And students can get admission on the basis of their previous degree.

Worldwide recognition:

The biggest problems that students face due to their education is that their degree is not worldwide recognized and they have to pass registration exams when they move to any other country. But ACCA gives advantage that it is worldwide recognized and students can easily find job when they will move to any other country.

High demand in market:

As ACCA is worldly recognized so latest subjects are being taught in this degree and these professionals have advanced knowledge. Therefore, there is high demand of accountants and they easily get jobs after competing their studies.

High professional status:

High professional status is the most important thing and all employers give respect to accountants because they manage finance of their company. They are also directly in contact with higher authority in company.

High wages:

Wage is the most important thing when you choose a profession and when you are going to do job in an organization because it is the only thing which regulate your circle of life. Chartered accountants get high salary from companies and they easily get job in multinational companies.