How to Hire Staff for Salon

People think that hiring employees is easy, they think that selecting people for the job is a piece of cake. But the fact is that it is the most difficult task of all, because you have not only you have to select some people for a job, you have to select the right people for the specific job. Now, imagine hiring an undergraduate student for doing a barber’s work? It can be pretty scary because even though he might have spoken a great deal about cutting hair and trimming beard, but still, you wouldn’t hire an amateur because this is someone’s head and face you are dealing with.

So, you need to hire a person who if doesn’t have a full degree but he must at least have a good experience in different salons previously. If he says that he has worked as an apprentice in this and that salon, take his CV, ask him to visit the salon again for a re-round of questions and in that meantime, you can call different salons that he has mentioned in the CV. Call all of them and ask different questions about the working there. You should ask like; how was he working? Was he working overtime easily? What kind of complain did the customers do? What salary he was taking? Was he racist? Was he good around kids? Was he nice to elderly men? If you ask 10 questions and 7 of them had good replies, hire him. But always ask why did he leave from this salon or was he fired? This will make clear picture of him and it will also be easy for you decide where to place him and what should be his salary.

If he is a graduate from a university or college with the degree of grooming and personality development, hire him immediately because he will be one who will bring in the celebrities. Because during their courses, they are trained with the top stylists and those stylists are in-touch with different celebrities. And if any celebrities visit your salon, you can become the talk of the town for at least straight one year. Did you know that the world’s best stylists are bought for millions of dirhams? But you can open any kind of hair salon in JLT and make sure to follow the website here to get the best hair styles updates.