Benefits of installing 3M ceramic window tints

There is no such thing as installing 3M tinting on windows. Windows tint improves the quality of the interior and prevents UV rays from entering inside the car. However, you can install 3M windows on boats, buildings, and even residential houses as it performs effectively everywhere.  3M window films are made of metal, dye, and polyester, but during the past few years, ceramic window tint is getting more popular in this industry. Ceramic window films are known for their durability and high-quality.

Here are some amazing benefits of installing ceramic windows tint through car tinting deals Dubai:

Reduce temperature:

One of the most common problems that we face while driving is the heat of solar lights. When sun rays enter the vehicle through windows, it increases the temperature inside the car and makes it harder to stay there for longer.

However, by installing 3M ceramic windows films, you can get rid of this problem effectively as it reduces solar heat up to 70% and allows you to keep cooler the car temperature without turning on Air conditions.


3M windows tinting are known for their durability in the world. Especially ceramic films are on top of the list. It does not only protect you from UV rays but also improves the quality of the car interior. It also works effectively in the event of an accident, because when glass break; it does not spread inside the car but remain fix in its place. This quality makes ceramic films the first choice for people.

Block UV rays:

3M ceramic window films are a great source to block 99% UV rays. These rays are extremely harmful to the skin and even may lead to skin cancer in the future. Moreover, UV rays can damage the interior of the car as well. But ceramic windows tint provides 100 % protection from Ultraviolet rays. It keeps you away from a skin health condition and enhances the appearance of the car interior.


Most windows tint are made of metal, but after a few time metal-based films start to create problems for electronic devices, such as cell phones, radios, and GPS systems. But ceramic windows tint are metal-free, which does not interfere with electronic devices’ function.

Enhance Privacy:

One of the best things about installing 3M ceramic films is they enhance the privacy inside the car and prevent from outside eyes.

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