how do psychotherapies work?

Mental disorders are increasing and there are different types of awareness programs beings conducted in every country. But it is important to treat these disorders because if these are not being treated then the person can not focus on his life and ultimately he gets disappointed from his life. Although, there are different types of medicines but these can not treat mental disorders so different types of treatments have also been discovered. If you are suffering from depression then you must go for depression therapy Dubai. You can also get information from internet about mental health UAE. So in this article, we have added different types of therapies which are used in mental disorders.

Cognitive therapy:

In this therapy, the persons are being treated through different talk sessions and psychologists talk about the matters with the patients which are giving them depression. It is short term therapy but the therapist focus on the goals. There is specific plan made for each session and it usually lasts for six to 18 weeks.

Behavioral therapy:

In this type of therapy, the behavior of patients are targeted. So we can also say that behavior activation is being done in this. The patients are being engaged in different types of activities.

Dialectical behavior therapy:

This therapy is similar to cognitive behavioral therapy and patients are being capable to cop up with stress and depression. So this is the practice of brain in which they are being practiced to think about positive things in every situation. So in this therapy, one to one sessions with therapist are also done. And in the end of these therapies the persons become able to face the challenges of life.

Psychodynamic therapy:

It is also known as psychoanalytic therapy and an assumption is being made to treat depression. In this type of therapy, the patients are being made emotionally strong so the persons can bear the stressed situations in their life. It is less focused but it is long term therapy. And usually past connections of patients are being determined because it is assumed that something could happen in the past of the persons which is giving them depression.

Interpersonal therapy:

There is a lot of effect of social issues on human mind so in this type of therapy the social roles of persons are being determined. So different types of problems are assumed by the therapist and the patients are being treated.