Types of USA Visas

USA is considered as one of the best destination by many persons because of its glamorous life and because of the best USA universities in world. So different persons students, professionals and families migrate to USA. Every country has its own rule for visa processing. If you are living in Qatar then you can apply for US visa Qatar. You can also apply for Canada immigration Qatar. USA and Canada both have world’s best universities and if you want to make quality life then you should apply for USA visa. But there are different types of USA visas and so there are different rules and visa procedures. The detail of USA visas can be seen in this article.

Visitor visa:

Those persons who want to go to USA just for six months or for short tenure then they will have to apply for visitor visa. This visa is valid for six months only. There are two types of visitor visa: B1 visa for business visits, B2 visa for tourism visits. So tourism visa is issued for every type of visitor but business visa is issued to business persons only. So they will also have to show them documents of their business.

Student visas:

These types of visas are issued to students so that students may continue their education in USA. So students can get admission in university in any sort of degree i.e. undergraduate, graduate and post doctorate. These types of visas also allow to do work of 18-22 hours per week. So F and M visas are considered as academic visas. M1 visa is for vocational purposes and F visa has two types: F1 for students and F2 for dependents of F1 visa holders.

Exchange visitor visa:

US universities also offer different exchange programs to students of all countries to promote culture. So those students who wish to go to USA can also go there by these programs and these are fully funded. J1 and Q visa are issued for exchange programs.

Temporary work visa:

These types of visas are issued to workers who want to do work in USA for temporary purpose. There are different categories of this type of visa:

H1B visa: This visa is issued to the persons who are employed in specialized fields.

H2A visa:  This type of visa is issued for agricultural workers from selected countries.