The Confined Space Safety in Oil and Gas Industry

Despite many precautions being taken, working in the upstream oil and gas industries is precarious, and sadly there are fatalities every year all over the world. From government regulations in many countries to the obligation on companies to provide sufficient safety training for the employees, everything is being practiced regularly to minimize the risks.

There are several threats that confined space workers in oil and gas upstream need to be mindful of. In order to avoid a high number of causalities every year, it is vital that the workers functioning in these unique environments acknowledge the risks associated with their jobs through tailored trainings provided to them as a preventive measure.

In many cases, gas and other toxic vapors are the main cause of fatalities in these industries. Confined space work in oil and gas industry involves being in environments that are obviously high in gas and other vapors injurious to human health and life threatening.

Moreover, the buildup of gas in confined areas can result in explosions, another leading cause of fatalities in the upstream oil and gas industries. The largest number of mortal accidents around the world in confined spaces of these sectors is being struck by falling objects. This upheaves several issues which must be addressed by appropriate planning and confined space training in terms of providing preventive measures and adequate training to the workers to reduce fatality rate.

Adequate confined space training will make sure that workers are aware of the risks hence will also be able to efficiently assess the environment they are working in to figure-out any leakage, detect any unstable objects that may strike workers, as well as monitor the accumulation of gases in the area. Training will ensure that they are aware of the measures to adopt in an emergency situation.

Management must ensure an error-free routine within the workplace. There shouldn’t be any staff working for long shifts, as this may raise higher capacity for errors to be made due to tiredness and lack of attention. Regular and focused training in this regard would also help raise awareness among employees.

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