Impact of Internet of Things(IoT)

A flower shop in Abu Dhabi needs to focus on its delivery process. To be the best in flower delivery in Abu Dhabi, a lot of effort, time and cost is required in doing so.

Issue of paper works: Even in today’s modern world, flower shops still use bundle of papers to go about their routines. Flower shops have to log in the number of flowers bought in and then sold off to the customers. Barring the flowers, the shop has to keep a record of running its expenses and paying its employees. The shop needs to keep the files stored since it has to show the very same files to relevant authorities who come and check if the shop is complying by rules and regulations set out by the United Arab Emirates(UAE) government. A dissatisfied customer can make matters more complicated as the shopkeeper has to go through many files to trace this particular customer’s purchase.

Automating logistics: There is always room for automating even for a flower shop. Automating the shop’s logistics would allow it to function smoothly. Automation of logistics gives the chance for flower shop owners to keep tabs on the entire functionality of the shop. Using initiatives such as Internet of Things(IoT) makes logging files easier than mainstream automation of logistics. Managers do not have much to worry about when it comes to monitoring inventory since inventory tracking systems keep them in the loop for restocking flowers accordingly. Such is the impact of IoT although the flower shop should brace itself for a complete overhaul of its structure keeping in mind there is a need of built in sensors to keep track of the flower business activities. Predictive analytic systems is another tool of IoT which should enable managers/shop owners to make crucial decisions on managing stock of flowers.

Keeping tabs on employees performances: It is understood that once the flower shop decides to automate its logistic, eventually it starts selling and delivering flowers online respectively. Again automation comes in handy when it comes to keeping track of the flowers being sold off and delivered. A single integrated logging system would keep a record of flowers being sold off and delivered. This allows the managers to keep track of whether the flowers are being delivered on time or not. The company gets to avoid customer complaints in this manner.