Different programs to join after completing O Levels

So you have recently completed your high school and now you are confused about choosing right career path for you. It is the most difficult time because there are a lot of things in mind regarding their career. And most of the students get confused and due to confusion they choose wrong path for them. when choosing career then interest is the most important thing. So you should make decision based on your interest. So for your ease, in this article we have provided list of professions that you can join after your high school.

Healthcare professional:

If you have interest in medicine or you want to work in healthcare system then you should go for medical study. There are different types of healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, physicians, dentists and many other professions as well. So it depends on you that which type of healthcare profession you choose for yourself. Although, these come under the same category but their responsibilities in the healthcare system are different from each other and all are equally important for healthcare system as they can not replace each other. But you will have to clear your state exam after your graduation and then you will be able to do job there.


If you have knowledge about budgeting or you want to do something related to finance then you should go for accountant as there are multiple options for accountants and the scope of this field will never end. Even many of the accountants are also working in the highest rank in the companies. You can also go for online ACCA course in Malaysia if you also want to continue your job. The trend of ACCA online study in Malaysia is increasing day by day.

Software engineer:

The demand of software engineers is also increasing day by day because almost all companies need softwares, websites and applications. We can also say that the increase in the use of technology has created the demand of software engineers in market. There are further different domains of software engineers, they further can do specializations according to their interests such as cyber security, artificial intelligence.

Language teacher:

The demand of language teacher is also increasing day by day because when persons move from one county to other country then they have to learn their language. And in some countries they also have to clear their language exam for their visa approval. So you can also go for language teacher.