How to get your company’s name right

There are so many things which one needs to take care of when thinking about naming their company because the task is definitely not easy. With so many things to be careful of no one tells you what the right way is to name your company but don’t worry as here we are to help you in choosing the right name for your RAKICC:

  • Choose who names your company

Being creative is not an easy task especially when you have a lot on your plate to look after and manage through. There are several people who would be happy to take on the task of naming your company such as your friends and family, business partners or a proper branding and naming service. But before you choose anyone, just look through carefully and measures the pros and cons equally. The best option would be naming the company yourself but don’t worry if you can’t because someone is always there to help you.

  • Pick the good ones

One of the downsides of being highly creative is that you may come up with a few different names all unique in their own which then makes the task more difficult. But when you are stuck in such situation, trust us it is better than being trapped with nothing. So, all you have to do now is make a list and weigh the pros and cons of each names. If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of a name, then go ahead and pick it. Please don’t fall for chits or blind folded games.

  • Build the identity around

Every entrepreneur has their own way of building a company which means that some choose a name before the idea of startup while others first aim for the idea and mapped out plan before giving thoughts to the name. Whichever it is, just be sure to build the identity of your company or business around the name instead of choosing a very fun and creative name which has nothing to do with it. Match the logo with the tagline of your company and give the audience a brief idea of who or what you are and what you aim for.

There are so many other things which you can follow but be sure to have fun throughout the process instead of taking a lot of stress for the name. Your company name should also be right for true copy attestation in Dubai.