Getting to Know Our Roots: What is Rock and Americana?

While most people would commonly dismiss the genres of Rock and Americana as one thing, things aren’t actually as simple as that. Join us as we delve into the depths of two beloved musical genres! A common misconception is that when someone says “Rock” there we’d be talking about big hair metal bands, womanizing, and outrageous behavior. However, this is hardly the case.

A lot of people have difficulty separating the music form from the person who creates the music itself. Let’s peel back all the layers and put the focus on where it really should be: the music.

q - Getting to Know Our Roots: What is Rock and Americana?

What is Rock Music?

Arguably, one of the more popular genres of music, a significant amount of people may not have realized that Rock has its roots in American history. It was in the 1950s that the first form of rock, “Rock and Roll” truly came to be.

All the other offshoots came about a decade later and have their roots firmly planted in their American origins. While rock itself was born from African-American rhythm and blues, it has since evolved, taking some style along with it.

What is Americana?

This particular genre is a blend of American folk music and other genres that permeate the American music industry sphere. It incorporates a lot of the play styles and sound of other contemporary music. The thing that’s great about Americana is the fact that while it does draw from pre-existing genres, it manages to blend its form and matter in way that sets it apart entirely.

You will be able to hear the twangs or the purer forms of music where it gets its roots from but at the same thing, you’ll be treated to something completely new.

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Why is it important to know both?

As Americana does touch upon the sound of Rock, it is still good to be able to set the two apart. It’s the same principle of oranges and mandarins. They may appear to be similar but the core is completely different. You will see similarities yet be treated to something that’s unexpected.

In order to give suitable respect and appreciation for Rock artists and Americana artists, the distinction must be made. It’s not about being a competition of which one is better. It’s seeing that while one thing can grow from another, it doesn’t mean that it’s an anomaly or should be treated with disdain.

Both music forms have their own special charm and the world is all the richer for it. As for those who hold American roots, they have something to be really proud of as both music genres are firmly entrenched in their identity as a culture.

To Conclude

Knowing where your music came from is akin to knowing who you are as a person. It helps develop your sense of cultural identity and must be a source of pride—not shame. Hopefully, with the information that you’ve picked up from today’s discussion, you can show more appreciation and support to those who are keeping Rock and Americana alive and well!

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