The Same as It Always Has Been: The Amazing Powers of Music

Have you ever wondered why music has always endured? In our collective history, there has always been a record of music being played or performed. Today, we’ll be putting in a bit more attention on the soothing powers of music.

For as far we, the writers know, music has always been a part of our journey as a species. It has always been a method to entertain and celebrate. However, it has long been touted that music does more than entertain. Experts now fully argue that music has soothing properties to it. The funny thing is, what is generally considered “soothing” varies from person to person.

d2 - The Same as It Always Has Been: The Amazing Powers of Music

For example, one person may find calming music like those that sound machines are famous for as something that does calm and ease stress. However, it is also been recorded that some people find those things irritating beyond belief! If anything, being exposed to the “calming” music actually enrages and stresses them further.

So from what it appears, music can soothe, it just depends on the person on what they personally prefer to listen to. When you do find the type of music or genre that you like, music has a lot of great benefits. Here are a few:

Slows down breathing and blood flow

Often, when a person listens to music that they like, it serves as a catalyst for endorphins to flow. If you’ve ever had goose bumps or shivers run down your spine when you listen to music you love, that’s your body’s happy chemicals doing their job.

When endorphins are around, your heart rate slows down and normalizes. This is really helpful if you’ve been feeling stressed or upset.

d1 - The Same as It Always Has Been: The Amazing Powers of Music

Serves as an effective mind conditioner

We’re pretty sure that we aren’t the only ones who have a “get up and go playlist” or a “time for bed playlist”. It’s not necessarily limited to those two. If you’re at a party and if you feel that music will make it more festive, that’s music doing its job.

Music seeps into more than just the ears of who hears it. Depending on the tempo or the emotion that wishes to be conveyed by the artist, those that listen tend to feel the same things. Music is a great way to change your present mind condition. If you’re feeling lazy, listening to music that is upbeat can get you energized and rearing to go. If you’re feeling hyper, listening to something soothing can calm you down.

To Conclude

Music is pretty great. It affects us in ways that we may not be fully aware of. There is a reason that pediatricians suggest that babies be exposed to music even when they’re in the womb. It stimulates growth and keeps both mother and child calm. After all, stress is bad for both of them.

Music has endured for a good reason and we’re only starting to know more and more about what good things music can do for us. If you guys have other ideas on the benefits of music, we’d love to hear from you!

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