Good News in the Horizon: Future Gigs

There has been some continued speculation regarding the future of Dan Baird and Homemade Sin. With the frontman off recuperating, does this mean the end for their live performances? Take a peek at what good news awaits fans in Europe!

Just this August, Dan Baird himself announced that he was stepping back from active duty regarding the band: Dan Baird and Homemade Sins. This came quite as a shock for all as, at the time, they were in the middle of their US Tour. Although it was thought that things were not boding well, Dan had made it clear that the show was to go on.

He invited his good friend Joe Blanton to take over for him for the rest of the US Tour. Of course, fans were upset but also understood. It was clear that Dan needed to hunker down and focus on his treatment and recovery from ICC.

So what’s the good news?

As per their website (which, at the time was quite obscure about future gigs), there will be more gigs and live performances and this time, it’ll be in Europe!

While we aren’t sure who’s going to carry on the vocal lead, we’re still super excited about the fact that they’re coming to Europe. They have a rather extensive plan for November. So far, from our own sources, these are the dates and locations that we’ve amassed:

November 1: Paradiso
Amsterdam, Netherlands

November 2: Grenswerk
Venlo, Netherlands

November 3: TivoliVrendenburg
Utrecht, Netherlands

November 4: Den Trap
Kortrijk, Belgium

November 5: IDUNA
Drachten, Netherlands

November 7: The Greystones
Sheffield, United Kingdom

November 9: The Musician
Leicester, United Kingdom

November 10: Bush Hall
London, England

November 11: The Cluny
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

November 12: Academy 3
Manchester, United Kingdom

tour - Good News in the Horizon: Future Gigs

These are the dates and locations that we’ve discovered so far and we’re truly excited to see who will be singing as the lead. We were quite impressed with Joe Blanton during his run in the US Tour of Doctor’s Orders. While Blanton was able to reach certain pitches that Dan could not, we could not help but miss Dan’s signature style of singing and playing.

As fans, we are definitely looking forward to getting our Mr. Baird back on the road. But for now, we continue to hope and pray for his continued good health and eventual full recovery. Also, we’re definitely scrounging around to see where we can get tickets for these upcoming events!

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